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StartUp Britain launches ‘StartUps Loans’ project today


StartUp Britain, working closely with Lord Young and the Department for Business has launched their project ‘StartUp Loans today.

The campaign is delighted to be putting on the launch event at Westminster Kingsway College where there’ll be panels of young entrepreneurs talking about how they got started, panels of slightly ‘older’ entrepreneurs telling us what they wish they’d known at the age of 18 (!) and a buzzing StartUp Marketplace filled with companies such as Maria Allen Jewellery and Rampant Sporting; companies started by business owners below the age of 25 and that are now selling goods and services across the globe.

Every young person who applies will receive a free StartUp Loans Kit and those who are successful in securing a loan will also receive ongoing business support and a mentor. The College will be alive with youthful enterprise and exuberance as StartUp Loans are launched and change lives.

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